Turn the World Into Your Personal ATM Machine by Activating Your

Psychic and Telekinetic Powers!

Want to know how some people can walk into a casino and win a fortune, while

everyone else goes broke?

I’m going to tell you about the most amazing thing that I’ve ever discovered. This discovery allowed me to quit a high paying engineering job, work from home and never worry about money again. It’s a strange story, yet one that anyone can grasp, because we’ve all been down the path of wondering where the next rent check or house payment is coming from at one time or another. I’m a musician, electronics engineer and computer programmer. I spent the earlier half of my life playing in rock bands in the 80s. Then, I went to college and got a couple of electronic and software engineering degrees. I still play, but just for fun, because everything that I do now is just for fun. NO STRESS - NO WORRIES! Musicians have a tendency to be curious about all things psychic, weird and mystic for some reason. I’m no different. “I was sitting in a casino one time, when a scruffy looking guy sat down on a video poker machine behind me. He looked fairly scary and had a few people nervous. He was intensely looking at the machine, slowly rocking back and forth. Within four or five minutes, the machine hit a Royal Flush for $1200.00. The guy sat there looking a little frazzled until he got his payout - then he did it again within a couple of minutes after he started playing the same machine...He had a smirk on his face, like he knew it was coming. The odds of hitting a Royal are around 40,000 to 1. It’s not that those odds change any by playing the same machine, as some believe, but anyone who has spent some time living in a casino town will tell you - it ain’t likely!  He continued playing, being less conspicuous. He moved over a couple of machines and hit several 4 of a Kinds and left ...with a lot of money.  It became clear that he was doing this with some kind of mind control or psychokinesis.” To be completely honest, I was kinda ticked off. I’d already burned through a couple hundred bucks on video poker at the casino. I asked myself why? WHY can this guy walk up to a machine and clean it out in a few minutes, while everyone else around him is losing their A$$? Some may say “Oh, he just had a good machine”. NOT a chance, because he moved and repeatedly hit Four of a Kinds on another machine. I realized that this guy had a connection with stuff that I didn’t. Me, being ME, I had to figure out what that connection was. It took me about five years, a ton of books, research and a lot of LOSING to finally figure it out. What I found out is this - We ALL have the innate ability of telekinetic energy. It’s natural in you, myself and everyone else. The real question was, how the heck can you harness that ability? I’ve read every book on the subjects of telekinesis, psychokinesis, mind control, psychic energy...you name it. The problem with all of the books I’ve read is, they talked about someone else’s experiences. Experiences that frankly, didn’t do anything for YOU or ME. Most importantly, not a single one answered my question - How did that guy sit down on a video poker machine and win thousands of dollars in a few minutes, while everyone else sat there and lost dearly? It’s EASY to talk about something, but to actually DO IT is another thing. Psychic ability is NATURAL and ingrained into us just like ANY other survival mechanism. Scientists have come to the conclusion that our ancestors, who lived with the dinosaurs only survived because of their psychic abilities. That’s what separated US from the rest of the animals. Humans had (and still have) the ability to communicate through thought - and a lot more. For me, the solution really came down to finding a way to wake these ingrained talents up from our inner, primal mind. YOU have experienced these abilities already - several times. Most of us have. De’ Ja Vue?   Does ANY of the following ring a bell? Depressed - Depression can be caused by a lot of things and one of them is a side effect of NOT knowing and losing our primal instincts. We live in some really weird times, with a rogue government and a bad economy. You “kinda” know what’s going on, but you cant seem to get a grasp on it. You read the Blogs and all of the alternative news, but they’re just another DEAD END. After time, they become gray areas with no meaning. Tired all the time - Another side effect of losing our connections. We live in an age of technology. We all have our computers, iPads, iPods, smart phones and are CONSTANTLY BOMBARDED from the real reasons we are here and our true purpose. If you’re older (like me), you probably remember “the good old days” when life was fun, simple and full of excitement. Nothing has changed EXCEPT our concepts of reality, because of the mainstream media and technological advancements that have totally blinded many. Agitated by friends and relatives - In today’s society, being agitated or having aggressive feelings towards friends or family is common, but NOT natural. Only a few years ago (20 or so - before the Internet boom), family and friends were EVERYTHING. Now, we’re constantly being pulled into virtual worlds of things like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and so called “Social Networks” via the Internet. Oh, I’m not knocking those who are in to that sort of thing. Technology CAN be a wonderful thing. PSY is one of those wonderful things. The truth is in our genetic make up. Yours, mine and everyone else’s. That guy that won a bunch of money that day on video poker at the casino wasn’t special. He was just operating at the natural human level, that we have all been stripped from, intentionally by the entities and individuals that control EVERYTHING via mainstream media and learning repetition from day one. So what did I do? Eventually, after all of my hair pulling research into the matter (and believe me - I don’t have much hair left) I realized that in order for you and I to take back our natural psychic abilities, it would take something outrageous and mind-changing. So after all of my years of research, I had to come to several conclusions... • I had to develop a way to overcome societal influence (brainwashing via mainstream media) • Accelerate the process of psychic level thinking, so we can get back to out natural abilities • Create a program that is EASY to use and POWERFUL. • Make the program give us the control that the guy in the casino had I watched an interview with Uri Geller once. Kind of a weird guy, if you ask me. And the guy in the casino that won all of that money was a “spittin image” of Ingo Swann. “Uri Geller said that he went to Vegas and won so much money that he was giving money away to people on the Vegas Strip, because he felt so guilty.” The bottom line is : YOU have just as much telekinetic and psychic ability as the psychic kingpins, like Ingo Swann and Uri Geller. You just need a way to extract it and that’s exactly what PSY does... 

Introducing PSY :

Most people try to move an object with their mind three or four times in their lifetime. They fail and give up. They go back to the old concept of lower learning and think that they just can't do it. It's how we are taught in this world - from day one. This is a sad reality of life on Earth in most places. We're actually deprogrammed from the psychic gifts that we ALL have from the day we are born. This is why children have imaginary friends. They're NOT imaginary at all. Our psychic and telekinetic powers are natural. They are a major part of our DNA. Our ancestors couldn't have survived without them. Can you imagine living in a world with dinosaurs and other creatures that would rip you apart limb from limb every time you walked out of your cave? Our human telepathic powers served us as warning mechanisms. Face it - our linguistic communication skills were lame that far back. Modern science has suggested that MOST communication done back in those times was telepathic.   PSY is a software program that runs on your PC, that will help you quickly develop your psychic and telekinetic / psycho-kinetic abilities (the ones that we are born with). PSY opens the natural pathways in our minds and expands our natural psychic and telekinetic abilities. Imagine manipulating an object 68 times in less than a minute. This is what it takes to train your mind for telekinesis. PSY allows you to see the results of your telekinetic and psychic abilities...in real time.
PSY uses special Random Number Generators (RNG) in software, that you control with your mind's will. In Machine Control Mode, you get a real-time graph of your results. As you practice - the graph begins to stabilize. You will see the results right before your eyes!  Princeton University was well known for their psychic experiments. PSY is way ahead of the computer program that they used and you can have it on your own PC. Real Time - the REAL DEAL. I’ve been on the Internet, since the Internet started. I’ve seen a lot of BS out there over the years. Just about EVERY kind you can imagine. Click here to see REAL proof of what PSY did for me in ONE NIGHT! PSY is SO powerful, that I actually had to tone it down, because I was WINNING SO MUCH, that I was drawing attention. That’s something that you have to be careful of, because they don’t like it when you take too much of their money... I also hit many four of a kinds that were “under the radar” on the same night. How It Works PSY works by using very sophisticated programming algorithms. In order to see true results, a special type of RNG (random number generator) is required. This generator must create truly random numbers that are not on a repeating cycle of any kind. PSY's RNG is very similar to those used in casinos around the globe. To get accurate results - a sophisticated RNG is necessary. PSY also has other modes of more conventional operation for enhancing your telekinetic and psychic abilities. Numbers Mode and Cards Mode. Numbers Mode has two forms of operation: Telekinesis Training and Psychic Training. To really train your mind for these powers, we need to start somewhere. Numbers Mode allows you to choose number ranges from 0 to 9 all the way up to 0 to 500. This allows you to naturally progress in your psychic abilities. Cards Mode focuses on a casino deck of playing cards. Some find it easier to predict cards, because they are more of a visual experience. Whichever mode you like the best - you can be assured that you will get the best psychic enhancement features from PSY. PSY will give you the power to break the CHAINS that we’ve been confined to. It gives YOU the control and power to be in TOTAL control of EVERY aspect of your life and money, because it works to condition your mind on a higher level of consciousness. PSY isn’t for everyone. It’s for people who want to change their lives and take it to a level that wasn’t even on the radar previously. It takes a little effort to turn the world into your personal ATM machine and if anyone tells you any different, they’re full of it. It’s NOT hard to use, in fact a child could use PSY. It’s made to be simple, because that’s what it takes to pull out our primal abilities. That part of the brain likes things simple. PSY not only works for my favorite part, getting money anytime I want it, but it also works in every aspect of your life. Things you weren’t “quite” sure of become clear. Your love life will be better, because you just know stuff... I keep PSY low key in itself, for the most part. I don’t advertise it on Google AdWords or Bing Ads. I figure if you find it, it’s YOUR lucky day. After all, I don’t want the whole world knowing my secret. If I feel that too many people are getting their hands on it, I’ll just pull this page down. So since you’re here now, you might think twice about grabbing it while you still can. I asked some of my friends and relatives to check out PSY and asked them how much I should HONESTLY sell it for. The average was around $179.00. I think it's only fair to give back to humanity what is rightly ours to begin with. So you can get PSY right now for only $69.97. That's $110 off of the suggested price!
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